GEO-6 Partnerships

Partnerships are the cornerstone of the United Nations Environment Programme’s activities. A systematic process is under way to strengthen the GEO-6 assessment by expanding UNEP’s expert networks and strategic partnerships with leading academies of research, international research programmes, collaborating centres and centres of excellence.

The partnerships will be based on building strategic linkages with data providers in key government agencies, scientific institutions, and IGOs based in the region; assisting with the collection and dissemination of relevant environmental assessment data; facilitating the flow of national environmental data into UNEP Live; assisting with dissemination of State of the Environment findings and reports to targeted audiences; organizing a major regional environmental information networking meetings.

GEO-6 Partners

  • Collaborating Centres
  • Centres of Excellence and International Research Programmes
  • Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA's)
  • UN Agencies
  • IGO's/ NGO's
  • Governments
  • Major Groups and Stakeholders