GEO-6 for Cities

GEO-6 for Cities is a project set up by and for city people. The aim is to inform, engage and support dialogue among decision makers and other actors involved in urban issues. The value of GEO-6 for Cities is to present the findings of the GEO-6 and latest discussions and developments in the urban agenda in a compelling way so that urban stakeholders are informed of the challenges they face but also the solutions and actions they can take. GEO for Cities will review the findings of the sixth Global Environment Outlook in relation to their impact on cities and propose environmental solutions for cities, such as: sustainable livelihoods, sustainable transport, urban biodiversity, food production, sustainable infrastructure, energy, resilience, etc.  The broad narrative should include the challenge that GEO-6 identifies for cities and how cities can be key actors in addressing these challenges. More than 20 authors from different parts of the world are working on GEO-6 for cities report with a view of having the publication ready by October 2020. 

The report will be action oriented as it relates to the audience, livelihoods, economic growth, focus on people and connections, between resource consumption and vulnerability, city efficiencies, environmental disasters, etc. It also focuses on showing how cities can set, prioritize and achieve their environmental goals while achieving other social and economic goals and also contributing their fair share to environmental goals.

Members of the Advisory Committee for GEO-6 for Cities