GEO for Business

GEO for Business is created by business, for business. The objective is to stimulate business to act towards the challenges expressed in the GEO-6 publication and other integrated environmental assessments. It is hoped to drive private sector towards transformation. It provides a new perspective on how businesses should be done, strengthening global partnerships and shifting the business-as-usual practices to emerging methods that bind practice and policy together toward the achievement of Agenda 2030 and other internationally agreed environmental agreements. It serves to encourage the business sector to adopt, through practice and policy, the best scenario for scaling up sustainability in their operations. It provides a clear pathway forward for the private sector to take part in achieving a “healthy planet, for healthy people”. GEO for Business is also one of the outputs of UNEP's Private Sector Engagement Strategy. The anticipated outcomes of GEO for Business are to encourage businesses to be involved to finding solutions for achieving sustainability and to provide an experience sharing platform on building sustainability.