North America

UN Environment’s North America Office is building cooperation in the region to address complex environmental challenges.

Coal power plants in the US produce 140 tons of pollution annually

Two-thirds of Canada’s electricity comes from renewable energy

The Challenge
North America is rich in wilderness, biodiversity and natural beauty. The region has also been a global leader in policy innovation and action on the environment.

But North America is facing new environmental challenges – such as climate change, chemical contamination and environmental damage in the Arctic – that are proving difficult to manage in the current framework.

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What you can do

Air pollution in our cities and in our homes is killing 6.5 million people each year and is driving climate change. Show your support to #BreathLife global campaign to reduce air pollution, improve health and preserve our climate. Commit to take…

Two minutes on oceans with Jim Toomey

UN Environment has partnered with internationally acclaimed cartoonist, Jim Toomey – of Sherman’s Lagoon fame – in developing a series of short videos to raise awareness of the importance of oceans and the coastal environment. Learn more
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