North America

UNEP’s North America Office is working to support prosperity, build resilience and boost resource efficiency in the United States and Canada.


The World Circular Economy Forum addressing sustainable economic recovery will be going online September 29 and 30 2020.

What's happening

For the United Nations 75th anniversary, check out UNEP's snapshots of big environmental moments since it was established in 1972.

New Release

The UNEP Frontiers Report outlines the link between ecosystem health and emerging zoonotic diseases.

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The Challenge
North America is rich in wilderness, biodiversity and natural beauty. The region is a global leader in innovation and action.

The United States and Canada face growing environmental challenges—including climate change, marine debris and unsustainable production and consumption.

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North America Office

900 17th Street NW, Suite 506 
Washington, D.C. 20006

UNEP’s New York Office is a devoted bridge builder, specialized in establishing and maintaining critical links with the UN Secretariat, UN organizations and entities headquartered in New York, Permanent Missions to the UN, civil society organizations, academic institutions and others.

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