Communities of Practice (CoP) Moderators

Communities of Practice (CoP) Moderators were responsible for facilitating Working Group CoPs and provide the necessary leadership and coordinative support to enable knowledge sharing and partnership building within their CoP (and across other GEO-6 CoPs).

Moderators were connected to, and engaged with one or more moderators of other writing teams to provide coherent support to CLAs and ensure appropriate data/information flows, handling of diverging viewpoints, responding to critical review comments, and developing content. Moderators were expected to uphold the standards of, and guidelines for ensuring scientific integrity and credibility following principles laid out in the document. The CoP Moderators of the designated GEO-6 Working Groups were selected through the nominations and engagement process. The Secretariat  provided technical support for the on-line platform and substantive support to the moderators. 

Key roles and responsibilities (Terms of Reference):

  • lead and foster useful and spirited CoP discussions;
  • support the writing “sprints” to deliver first drafts for each section;
  • motivate active participation in their CoPs;
  • create a congenial, professional community by establishing and maintaining a setting with respectful and appropriate dialogue, knowledge-sharing and exchange of views;
  • recognize members’ varying levels of experience and comfort in operating with online platforms and the social media environment;
  • advise on interaction with other relevant CoP discussions;
  • participate in the peer-review of designated sections and overall outreach of the assessment findings;
  • act as an knowledge intermediary between CoP and designated/ relevant writing teams; and
  • support CLAs in ensuring appropriate data/information flows, handling diverging viewpoints and responding to critical review comments, and where appropriate, developing content.