05 Mar 2019 Video Cities and lifestyles

#SolveDifferent - Find your goat!

Leading a sustainable lifestyle can be difficult. Many luxuries are sacrificed for options that are less attractive and easy. That is what Stan discovers when he switches his electric lawnmower for a push-mower, or when he collects rainwater for his plants. Yet, he is determined to reduce his carbon footprint and his family’s use of natural resources.

Doug, his neighbour, is anything but sustainable and consumes to his heart’s content. Eating a meat-intensive diet, driving a 4x4 and letting his children waste water by playing with the hose.  His life looks easier, flashier and even more fun.

But considering that air pollution contributes to 6-7 million premature deaths every year, and feeding the projected 10 billion people by 2050 will require an increase of 50 per cent of our food production, it’s clear that Stan’s way of life is the one that’ll lead to a healthy planet.

What Stan doesn’t realise is that there are ways of being environmentally friendly and having time to enjoy life. Stan’s daughter Samantha encourages him to find #SolveDifferent solutions by thinking innovatively when she brings home a goat to mow their lawn.

And now YOU find your GOAT and #SolveDifferent.