08 Jan 2018 Story Environmental rights and governance

China and UN Environment strengthen cooperation

5 December 2017 – Chinese Minister for Environmental Protection Li Ganjie signed a strategic cooperation agreement with UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim. The agreement aims to support UN Environment in building the capacities of developing countries to address environmental issues, sustainably develop their economies and increase awareness of environmental challenges. It also strongly focuses on South-South cooperation among Asian and African countries. 

After a successful implementation of 18 projects under Phase I, China has committed another $6 million for 2016-2018, supporting projects on ecosystems and biodiversity, pollution, chemicals-related multilateral environmental agreement, the Green Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Africa Environmental Cooperation Centre. An agreement on the establishment of the Centre was also signed by Mr. Ganjie and Mr. Solheim, together with Kenyan Minister for Environment Judi Wakhungu. In addition, a small-scale funding agreement was signed between Zhou Guomei, Acting Director for the China-Africa Environmental Cooperation Centre and Sheila Aggarwal-Khan, Acting Director for the Policy and Programme Division of UN Environment. 

The China Trust Fund covers 81 countries and supports UN Environment’s wider portfolio on environmental policy and governance.