Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Badge

The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Badge, supported and funded by the UK Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, has recently been developed as part of UN Environment’s Clean Seas Campaign to educate young people about plastic pollution and to encourage them to play a part in resolving pressing environmental issues.

UN Environment has been working with the Scouts, the Guides, Junior Achievement and University students across various African countries and India with the aim of mobilizing thousands of young people to participate in the fight against plastic pollution and marine litter. The programme is set to expand to 16 different countries later this year.

The Challenge has been developed with a series of levels and activities at each stage which must be completed in order to advance on to the next level. This is meant to push young people to become aware of the issues threatening the planet, as well as to engage them in a fun and challenging undertaking which can lead to a sense of personal fulfillment in taking responsibility for the planet’s well-being. This badge also encourages the development of leadership skills and meaningful, impactful change-making.

The aim is to create a new movement of young people across the world who will be committing to take action to reduce plastic waste in their lives, at schools and within the community. Check out the Tide Turners toolkit for more information. 


How many young people have completed the Tide Turners training so far? 

28,982 (last updated: June 16, 2019)


Through the Tide Turners challenge, young people are taking action and doing their part to create change in their communities. Learn more about our Outstanding Tide Turners.