1. Pankaj Varsani - Kenya

Pankaj Varsani

Pankaj is a second-year student at Strathmore University and is pursuing a Bachelors of Commerce degree. He is the President of the Strathmore Environmental Sustainability Club (SESC) and is a member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Youth Committee Kenya.

Pankaj has committed a great deal of time and effort to the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge. He is the Head Tide Turners Trainer at Strathmore University where he aims to sensitize youth on issue around plastic pollution and single-use plastic. He has trained over 100 students at Strathmore University and works to empower and inspire others to make a difference. He has also initiated the implementation of a “Plastic-Free month” at Strathmore University.

Pankaj has received an “Outstanding Tide Turner” Award for his hard work and dedication to the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge.

2. Alice Moraa - Kenya

Alice More

Alice holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and is part of the Girl Guides Kenya.

She has been going to schools and talking to the pupils, teachers and University students about the dangers associated with plastic pollution. So far, she has trained more than 5,000 people with visible impact. She has been organizing sensitization events within her community to do street clean ups and has been developing solutions on better ways to dispose of waste. As a result of her work, schools have formed environmental clubs, hung awareness raising posters around their schools and started sorting plastic from other wastes.

Alice has received an Outstanding Tide Turner Awards for her commitment to reaching out to people at the community level and for the visible impact her work has had in her community.