Earth School was co-created by UNEP and Ted-Ed to provide kids, parents and teachers all over the world with engaging nature-focused content to stay connected to nature during the global covid-19 pandemic, which has seen approximately 1.5 billion children out of school. Earth School takes students on 30 quests, each focused on a different nature related topic. The content was curated by an incredible team of collaborators and volunteers and was shaped to help students understand and celebrate our natural world. Now more than ever, we need to take care of this planet we call home. Earth School seeks to inspire such stewardship through its quests, each of which focuses on a different topic and allows us to understand, conceptualize and connect with nature in a different way.

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Why take part in Earth School?

- Learn about and stay connected to nature 

- Earn a certificate for completing all 30 quests

- Tap into an incredible resource curated by a team of experts from across the world


Who can use Earth School?

- Teachers

- Parents

- Students

- Anyone who is interested in learning more about nature 

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