Our work in North America

The United Nations Environment Programme's North America Office, established in Washington, D.C. in October 2000, is one of six regional offices. The mission of the office is to assist in carrying out UN Environment’s global programme of work by fostering cooperation and building partnerships on environmental issues between the North American region and the broader international community.

To achieve this mission, the office promotes collaboration between UN Environment and all sectors of North American society, including the United States and Canadian governments, the private sector and civil society groups and stakeholders. The main elements of the strategy are:

  • Keeping governments of the region informed of and engaged in UN Environment’s work;
  • Developing new North American partnerships and adding North American contributors to existing UN Environment partnerships, thereby engaging the technological, intellectual and financial resources of the region to serve UN Environment’s work around world;
  • Facilitating contacts with the private sector to increase participation by North American institutions in UN Environment’s industry-specific initiatives and programmes;
  • Mobilizing the dynamic North American-based civil society sector to encourage them to take a more active role in UN Environment’s policy processes and overall activities;
  • Enhancing the profile of UN Environment in North America through outreach, including:

The Panel and Secretariat of Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), hosted by UN Environment, is also based in the North America Office. STAP is an independent panel of experts that provides strategic and operational advice on science and technological matters to the Governing Council and Secretariat of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).