29 May 2018 Story Cities and lifestyles

You’re it! Plastic pollution tag takes off

People around the world are taking notice of plastic pollution. And more and more, they’re pledging to do something about it.  

Around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, while up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year. In total, half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once – and then thrown away.

Reducing how much plastic we use is a crucial first step, and this World Environment Day the United Nations is supporting a global awareness campaign to discourage the use of disposable plastic products.

The #BeatPlasticPollution movement is all about encouraging people to replace their single-use plastic products with reusable alternatives. Participants are encouraged to make their commitment on social media, then tag their friends and spread the message within 24 hours.

Notable names and everyday citizens around the world are taking part – from grassroots environmental activists to prominent politicians to Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.

Spreading the word like this is critical, because the only way to beat plastic pollution is if everyone is on board.

Want to join the game? Here’s how: