28 Feb 2019 Story Environmental rights and governance

UN Environment partners with the International Bar Association to start an environmental law training programme

UN Environment and the International Bar Association are collaborating on the development of an environmental law training programme for private legal practitioners. Possible training topics include: drafting of environmental laws, negotiation and drafting of national resource agreements; public interest litigation, judicial review and constitutional questions in environmental matters and; prosecuting and defending environmental crimes.

The programme will be implemented by national bar associations and law societies, with UN Environment, the International Bar Association and other partners providing technical support within their available resources.

This programme comes at a time when UN Environment is deepening its efforts to build the capacity of judges and lawyers on matters concerning environmental law, to enable them to review and improve draft rules of environmental adjudication. The draft rules of procedure will likely formalize the intention of judges and lawyers to allow public interest environmental litigation.

This programme will feed into UN Environment’s objective to enhance institutional capacities as well as policy and legal frameworks, to achieve internationally agreed environmental goals and to further integrate environmental law training in the judicial systems.

For more information, please contact Allan.Meso