16 Dec 2019 Story Environmental rights and governance

Building judicial capacity in the Pacific on climate change adjudication

Asia-Pacific judiciaries are increasingly becoming involved in matters relating to the environment and climate change, therefore creating the need to continuously enhance their knowledge of regional and international environmental challenges and best practices.

The Supreme Court of Fiji, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), organized an Asia-Pacific Judicial Conference on Environmental and Climate Change Adjudication in October 2019, in Nadi, Fiji, to strengthen the capacity of judges in Pacific on environmental and climate change adjudication. The forum brought together 70 judges from across the Pacific in environmental and climate change adjudication, to discuss on how to advance a regional harmonized and rights-based approach to environmental impact assessment.

The conference was hosted by the Asian Judges Network on Environment, a unique judicial network working to strengthen environmental and climate change adjudication in the Asian region. It was also a continuation of the annual gathering of the network’s chief justices, senior judges, legal and multidisciplinary experts, and environment and climate change advocates, which began in 2011.

UNEP will continue to offer support to countries to integrate environment and climate law training into judicial training capacity programmes.

For more information, please contact: Andrew.Raine[at]un.org.