17 Jul 2018 Blogpost Environmental rights and governance

UN Environment develops practical guide for countries to establish sound chemicals control

There are clear environmental, societal and economic benefits from having a legal system in place at national levels for chemicals control that defines the responsibilities for chemicals safety measures when these are being put on the market (commercialized) and used. However, the establishment and implementation of legal frameworks that support chemicals safety and their implementation is still lacking in many countries.

To support countries in establishing chemicals control, UN Environment is in the process of developing four documents to complement the Legal and Institutional infrastructure and measures for Recovering costs of national Administrators (LIRA) guidance document, with support from the Swedish Government. The four additional documents are designed for government officials working to implement legal and institutional structures nationally for the sound management of chemicals. They will offer suggestions on the best ways forward based on experiences in establishing and maintaining chemicals control.

Within the context of the strategic approach to international chemicals management, the overall orientation and guidance document lists 11 elements that need to be in place at the national level for a country to achieve the 2020 goal for the sound management of chemicals. Several of these elements relate to legal and institutional frameworks, industry participation, and defined responsibility.

For more information, please contact: Haddy.Guisse[at]un.org.