Protecting & restoring blue carbon ecosystems

We work to protect and restore coastal ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems for the sustainable provision of ecosystem services to people and environment.

Mangroves and seagrass meadows are coastal ecosystems that cover a small portion of the total ocean area but collectively are widely distributed on every continent except Antarctica. Mangroves are found in 123 countries worldwide with an estimated area of 15.2 million hectares while seagrasses occur in 159 countries covering over 30 million hectares. These ecosystems are highly productive and form biologically rich habitats that play a major role in providing highly valuable ecosystem goods and services for human well-being.

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Mangrove conservation more valuable than ever thanks to carbon trading

When a proven ecosystem restoration method also helps reduce poverty and build economic resilience, governments will often back them as a win-win solution.

The UN Environment Programme, the Kenya Forest…

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Protecting and restoring blue carbon ecosystems

To this end, we work with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners that help protect these coastal ecosystems including but not limited to:

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