Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE)

The Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE) is a community of African women enhancing stewardship of the environment through networking, career building and leadership development.

It was launched on International Women’s Day – March 8th 2019 – on the margins of the United nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 4) as an action learning and innovation driven environmental network led by African women.

NAWE is championed by the UN Environment Programme, in partnership with international and national partners who are developing a series of initiatives across the Africa during the forthcoming UN Decade on Ecosystems Restoration 2021-2030.

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Key Activities:

  • Building up the Network: Developing governance systems, identifying regional focal points and building up a database of members across Africa and the diaspora.
  • Publication of the Karura Forest Photobook: Wangari Maathai and the Power of Conviction.
  • Launch of NAWE Landscape Mentors

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Partnerships are the driving force behind NAWE and over the past few decades, increased recognition has been given to the important role played by partnerships in addressing global challenges. Learn more


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