Green Jobs for Youth

This initiative is designed to increase demand for green jobs in the workforce and help create a stronger supply of necessary green and environmental sustainability skills through education. The goal is for this to lead to a greener economy and provide better job opportunities for young people. 

This initiative consists of a top down effort via UNEP's Youth and Education Alliance and relevant ministries, as well as a bottom up effort via youth engagement and through pathways for connected implementation via enhancing education and employer connections. 

1.Top Down - UNEP (with other UN agencies) and relevant ministries are provided with a draft letter (open to customization for each country) to send out to high school and university/technical colleges. The letter will be valuable to chief academic officers, educators, youth and career advisors and university department chairs. The letter highlights: 

  • The growth of green jobs 
  • How to bring a green lens to any job/organization 
  • Green jobs pathways (e.g. skills/educational/career pathways) 
  • How students can get involved with green opportunities today (e.g. ways to include applied, real world projects in curricula as a high impact learning practice for undergraduate and Masters projects, and MA/MS/ PhD practical theses). 
  • The need to include environmental and social sustainable development knowledge and skills in all majors so students become educated employees or employers, consumers, community members, and investors. 

2. Bottom up - Communications with youth networks on how they can ask governments and educational institutions for green jobs training and science-based green policies.

3. Create pathways for connected implementation between SDG practitioners, employers in the green economy and the education institutions to: 

  1. Bring a green lens to all professions 
  2. Increase job placement of students 
  3. Improve quality of curricula to meet career pathway and employer needs 
  4. Connect students to practitioners for applied projects/research 
  5. Enhance green entrepreneurship