Education strategy

As part of our new Education Strategy, we want to put our focus particularly on youth, be it through education or outside of the classroom through mass reach partners that connect with young people in their daily lives. We have an ambitious programme for the next two years and would welcome all the support we can get. In particular, we are going to focus on these two areas between now and the end of 2020:

  • Pollinating environmental education across the campus: We will be supporting the integration of environmental education into curricula of Universities and colleges in order to increase student awareness, behavioural change, employment opportunities and where possible, the leadership capability of students. Courses today have taken all kind of shapes and forms: from video-lectures to massive open online courses, new tech shows great potential in reaching massive audiences across different continents, something we want to capitalize on with our work!
  • Reaching youth through new partnerships: The non-formal education sector has unprecedented reach and influence to billions of young people. We strongly believe that this agenda needs to be taken forward outside of the classroom, through different spaces and new formats. For example, with its potential to reach 1 in 3 people on the planet and a new revenue of $90 billion, we believe that the Gaming Industry is set to play an important role shaping people’s minds. We will also be working with other major educational youth groups, such as the World Scouts and Girl Guides, to support their work with their community.

Building on our extensive experience working with academic partners, in particular through the Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability, the new UN Environment Education and Youth Alliance represents a next step in an effort to reach a larger audience, putting a renewed emphasis on education, youth and advocacy.

We’d welcome your support - join us today!