About Air

Air pollution, which kills more than 6 million people every year, is the biggest environmental health risk of our time.

Airborne pollutants are responsible for about one third of deaths from stroke, chronic respiratory disease, and lung cancer, as well as one quarter of deaths from heart attack. Air pollution is also fundamentally altering our climate, with profound impacts on the health of the planet.

Air pollution comes from many sources – from cookstoves and kerosene lamps to coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, industrial furnaces, wildfires, and sand and dust storms.

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People and partners

Our work to improve air quality is spread across all of UN Environment’s divisions, as well as a number of units, partnerships and other initiatives.

UN Environment

Chemicals, Waste and Air Quality subprogramme

Climate Change subprogramme

Mobility Unit


The BreatheLife Campaign

Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

World Health Organization

World Meteorological Organization