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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint: Brand Identity Guidelines

Having a set of strong and consistent brand elements helps create a unified message and visual identity for public communication. The components of the brand identity are the name of the Alliance and the official graphic identifier. An additional campaign graphic has been developed for more general use in promoting the Alliance goal to eliminate lead paint. These two graphic elements are described in the Brand Identity Guidelines.

The Lead Paint Alliance official identifier (the red stroke) should only be used on official products or documents of the Alliance. Such documents may also include the logos of UN Environment and/or WHO in accordance with the publication and clearance policies of these Organizations.

The Ban-Lead-Paint Campaign graphic is a multicoloured ‘stop sign’, to be used alone or with the tagline “Ban Lead Paint”. It is not part of the official identity of the Lead Paint Alliance and therefore may be used more widely than the official identifier.

Ban Lead Paint Campaign graphic

Download the Ban Lead Paint Campaign graphic in different formats in:

Find more information on the Lead Paint Alliance graphics' formats and uses in the Brand Identity Guidelines