Green Industrial Policy & Trade: A Tool Box

This tool-box guides policymakers and green economy professionals on policy options at the intersection of green industrial policy and trade. As such, the tool-box provides an overview of the trade-related green industrial policy instruments available and clarifies their structure and operation, while outlining their implications with regard to trade policy. The tools are embedded in an overall methodology consistent with the UNIDO Practitioner’s Guide to Strategic Green Industrial Policy.

Policy tools discussed in this tool-box

This tool-box focuses on a sub-set of green industrial policies. These comprise of trade policies that can be harnessed to promote green industries and green industrial policies that are of particular relevance from an international trade perspective. The publication therefore discusses the following tools: Border measures (ch.2), Support schemes (ch.3), Standards (ch.4), Sustainable public procurement and manufacturing (ch. 5), and Provisions in trade agreements reserving or promoting green industrial policy (ch.6) and Employment-related schemes (ch.7).

The tool-box cab be used in two ways:

  • as a standalone resource by government officials, policy makers and/or trade negotiators who want to consider a wide range of trade-related industrial policy options to advance the transition to inclusive green economies;
  • and a trade-related tool complementing the PAGE Practitioner’s Guide to Strategic Green Industrial Policy from 2016.

Target group

This tool-box is targeted at national policy makers concerned with industrial, trade or environmental policies, as well as negotiators of trade and investment agreements that are looking to employ trade-related green industrial policy tools to facilitate their country’s transition to an Inclusive Green Economy.