19 May 2020

Resources for stakeholders fighting against the illegal trade and management of waste. 

Illegal trade in waste can cause significant damage to the environment and can have devastating health and economic impacts to the society. In recognition of the often cross-border character of illegal trade in chemicals and waste, countries have adopted laws, but for the laws to be effective, international cooperation in implementation and enforcement is critical.  

The WasteForce project (funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police (ISFP/2017/AG/ENV/821345) aims to support international cooperation efforts amongst authorities engaged in the fight against illegal trade and management of waste. The United Nations Environment Program along with the project partners have developed several practical tools to facilitate international cooperation. UNEP has in particular supported activities that are expected to boost an international operational networking between the European Union and Asia Pacific Region in addressing illegal trade in waste.

Key stakeholders may benefit from the information in these three resources developed by WasteForce, in the context of the above work.