Consumer Information and Eco-labelling

Key objectives

The objective of the roadmap will be to support the provision of information on goods and services, and the identification and implementation of effective strategies to engage consumers in sustainable consumption. The roadmap will endorse activities and initiatives aiming to;

  • Improve the availability and quality of consumer information to create a foundation the dissemination of credible information
  • Drive change in business and government to foster the implementation of practices in relation to consumer information
  • Enhance communication to drive behavioural change and guide a transition from  consumer awareness raising to encouraging effective action

Links to SDGs and the 10YFP

  • 12.1, 12.6, 12.8

Roadmap activities 

A. Regional and sub-regional policy dialogue, training and networking activities

  • A1: Provide Consumer Information/Eco-labelling awareness raising and capacity building through established sub-regional SCP fora, including stronger networking and dialogue through the 10YFP CI  Programme (UNEP)
  • A2: Asia Carbon Footprint Network (trainings, information sharing, and facilitating of MRA on carbon footprint labelling)

B. Regional or national awareness raising campaigns 

  • B1: Provide education, capacity building, and consultation on Eco-label Type I programmes 
  • B2: Increase the number national experts trained through the Asia-Pacific Network of GPP, EL experts and Policy Makers

C. Implementation tools (methodologies, toolkits, guidelines, standards) 

  • C1: Conduct survey contributing to the development of guidelines for reliable sustainability information for consumers 
  • C2: Support development of life cycle databases for selected product categories (e.g. the agri-food sector) and a green certification scheme (UNEP) 

D. Mechanisms for information sharing

  • D1: Development and dissemination of quarterly newsletter, featuring relevant stakeholder activities/events.