Jack Johnson

Musician , founder of Allatonce Foundation, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador - North America


Jack Johnson grew up surfing and playing guitar in Hawaii.  Since 2001, he has released 6 studio albums and 2 live albums that have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. His Brushfire Records label and touring crew have been leaders in the greening of the music industry and his All At Once social action network connects fans with local non-profits at each tour stop. Jack, with his wife Kim, founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation to support environmental education in Hawaii's schools and communities, as well as the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to support environmental, art and music education worldwide. The total of these album and tour profit donations, along with Johnson’s personal charitable activities, have resulted in over $30 million donated to charity since 2001.

Details on Jack Johnson’s activism follow:

In 2003 the Johnsons founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Johnson’s native home state of Hawai'i. The Foundation's mission is to provide students with exciting and interactive encounters that will enhance their appreciation for, and understanding of, their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth. Visit www.kokuahawaiifoundation.org for more information.

The Johnsons’ Kokua Festival raises funds for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation programs and also serves as an international environmental education event that models green practices. All parties involved in producing the Festival are committed to environmental sustainability– striving for a zero-waste and carbon-neutral event. Kokua Festival greening actions include zero-waste stations, water refill stations, eco-friendly concert merchandise featuring US-made organic cotton and 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, use of local and sustainable biodiesel in production vehicles and generators, a Kokua Village showcasing green companies and environmental non-profits, locally-grown organic concessions and catering, bike valet and electric concert shuttles, and offsetting all festival CO2 emissions through renewable energy programs in Hawaii.  Many of Johnson’s tour greening intiatives evolved from the practices established at the Kokua Festival. Visit www.kokuafestival.com for more information.

100% of Jack Johnson's 2008 tour profits were used to establish the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, an endowment founded by Jack and his wife Kim to support environmental, art and music education now and into the future. The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation has made over $3.5 million in donations to over 400 non-profits to date. Visit www.johnsonohana.org for more information.

In 2004, Jack Johnson became the 50th member of 1% For The Planet. Johnson’s 2005 release of In Between Dreams became the first album to carry the 1% label and his 2005 world tour promoted the 1% For The Planet mission and brand and helped to launch the organization. Today 1% For The Planet is a growing global movement of more than 1200 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 3,300 environmental organizations worldwide. In the process, these companies pave the way for more corporate responsibility in the business community. Visit www.onepercentfortheplanet.org for more information.

Jack Johnson's tour production team is at the forefront of the green touring movement, effecting change at many levels in the industry. In 2005, Jack Johnson, along with his crew, Effect Partners and leading environmental scientists developed the EnviroRider, an environmental handbook presenting eco-friendly options and actions for the various components of tour production. For Johnson’s 2008 tour, the EnviroRider was updated to reflect new technologies and practices, and to include more stringent policies for venue participation, requiring compliance with waste reduction, recycling, and CO2 offsetting guidelines. In 2008, Johnson enlisted the help of environmental non-profit Reverb to execute all onsite tour greening efforts and fan outreach. With the help of Effect Partners, Reverb and the cooperation of fans and venues around the world, Johnson is successful in not only implementing changes for all his tour dates but also in engaging fans and encouraging venues to adopt lasting sustainable practices.  In 2014, Johnson’s management team was influential in creating the Sustainable Concerts Working Group along other music industry leaders, the EPA and White House Council on Environmental Quality, to explore how green touring and venue sustainability practices can expand and become the norm, not the exception.

For Johnson's most recent tour, his production team, with the support of Reverb, continued to pave the way in green touring practices. Tour trucks and coaches used over 13,954 gallons of sustainable biodiesel to reduce CO2 emissions. Fans were incentivized to use mass transportation, including the new Jack Johnson Bike Valet Program. All tour merchandise was made from sustainable or upcycled materials with a focus on reusables and renewables. The tour collaborated with 75 farms to promote and provide locally grown and organic foods through a farm to stage program. Waste reduction measures were expanded with on-site water refill stations along with bio-ware, composting, recycling and the elimination of plastic water bottles backstage. 20, 800 single-use water bottles were displaced by fans who refilled their own bottle at the All At Once Water Stations provided by Klean Kanteen. After all energy conservation measures were taken, remaining CO2 emissions were offset through support of a variety of carbon management projects. Over 5 million pounds of CO2 was offset through green touring and fan participation. Visit www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/greening/2014 for complete environmental impact results.

In 2008, Jack Johnson and crew launched All At Once, a social action network and global community based on the belief that an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. All At Once provides information, tools, and motivation to empower individuals to become active in their local and world community. At the close of Johnson’s most recent From Here To Now To You tour, All At Onceraised over $1.6 million for over 200 non-profits worldwide, and was promoted to a collective online community of over 7 million people.

At Johnson’s concerts, fans connect with All At Once non-profit partners, capture their commitment at the All At Once Photo Wall, reduce plastic waste by filling reusable bottles at water stations, and enter to win prizes. On Johnson’s recent tour, 17,800 fans took environmental action in the Village Green at the concert and more than 14,000 people took part in over 50 community service pre-show events including beach cleanups and garden work days in cities around the world. Visit www.AllAtOnce.org for more information.

Since 2008, Johnson’s All At Once community has partnered with over 300 hand-chosen community groups to support sustainable local food systems, plastic free initiatives, and other hands-on environmental projects. Partnering non-profits are encouraged to host volunteer events leading up to the shows and interact directly with fans at each concert with the goal of raising awareness about local issues and engaging community action. The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation offers direct and matching donations to all non-profit tour partners in addition to the expanded support and promotion they receive from the All At Once online community.

Impacts are tracked throughout all of Johnson’s tours to demonstrate how collective action can result in significant change. End-of-tour reports are available at www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/greening.  Measurable actions include:

  • # of All At Once environmental commitments made online and at each concert
  • # of people who participated in local environmental events & projects in conjunction with the tour
  • Dollars raised for local All At Once non-profit partners
  • Tons of CO2 reduced as a result of All At Once and tour efforts (ride sharing, carbon offsets, biodiesel)
  • # of plastic bags and water bottles replaced by reusables
  • Pounds of waste recycled/composted at the venues
  • Amount of local food purchased for tour catering


Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, has been on the forefront of environmental responsibility among record labels. Brushfire is headquartered in a renovated green building, leveraging a number of innovative features to keep their environmental impact low. These features include: solar panels that provide the majority of the power for the offices and studio, interior/exterior wall insulation made from 100% post consumer waste (cotton from blue jean scraps), a Duro-Last green roof and recycled shingles, refinished hardwood, cork and marmoleum flooring, low VOC paints and primers, as well as reclaimed building materials, and floor rugs made out of recycled plastic bottles.  In addition, the record label pays close attention to its internal operations, monitoring energy use and increasing efficiency through lighting and fixtures, reducing office waste and ensuring company-wide recycling and sourcing sustainable goods for office supplies and other operational needs, as well as offsetting all company CO2 emissions.

Brushfire has also worked to get its clients and colleagues on board. The label is a member of 1% for the Planet and encourages its artists to do the same. In addition, Brushfire convinced Universal (their manufacturer/distributor) to use FSC-certified recycled paper for all their Brushfire music and film releases, developed the first 100% recycled plastic tray, and piloted a new form of environmental packaging called Eco-Pac.

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