Training and capacity building


The Montreal Protocol is to a very significant degree concerned with the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) sector, which represents the largest share of consumption of ozone depleting substances in all countries. It is largely thanks to the people working in this sector that the treaty has achieved the tremendous success that it has so far, and it is on their shoulders that the future success of ozone layer and climate protection will be built. Read more


Certification is the means by which a person (or enterprise), as a result of training, education, external review and assessment, receives official approval of being able to competently complete a job or task. Certification can be a legal requirement or a measure undertaken voluntarily for professional advantage. Read more

National ozone officers capacity building

A key factor contributing to the remarkable success of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is the "country-driven approach" promoted by the Executive Committee of the Protocol's Multilateral Fund. This approach places National Ozone Units at the centre of all actions to protect the ozone layer. Read more