Projects and CAP services

In its role as an Implementing Agency of the Multilateral Fund, UN Environment assists developing countries through a combination of compliance assistance services and national, regional and global projects.


UN Environment’s primary role is to assist Article 5 countries in actual or potential non-compliance to be in compliance with their obligations under this multilateral environmental agreement (MEA). The Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) cooperates closely with the Ozone Secretariat, the Multilateral Fund Secretariat, and other Implementing Agency partners to identify countries that have difficulties in maintaining compliance or are at risk of being in non-compliance, with particular reference paid to countries in post-conflict situations. The Regional CAP staff provide direct assistance to National Ozone Officers and other priority stakeholders in response to specific needs identified by Article 5 countries. This assistance covers a wide range of topics including policies and enforcement, technical issues, assistance with data reporting, capacity building of new Ozone Officers, support for ratification, etc. In 2017, UN Environment will provide 1,062 country-specific compliance services.

CAP Services


UN Environment offers developing countries assistance with the preparation and implementation of HCFC Phase out Management Plans (HPMPs) for both Stages I and II, Institutional Strengthening projects, and technical assistance. The agency also implements national HPMP verification projects as and when requested by the Executive Committee. This assistance also includes the project development, monitoring, coordination and reporting duties required of all Implementing Agencies. Read more