15 Oct 2015 Story Environment under review

Annual bilateral consultations with Japan held in Tokyo

15 October 2015 – Japan and UN Environment held its annual bilateral consultations in Tokyo. Highlights of the discussions included Japan’s continued and confirmed support to climate change work both globally, including the Climate Change Conference (COP21), and through various networks on climate change and air pollution. Importance of  the role of private finance was also highlighted, as well as the implementation of Agenda 2030. Japan  supported the widening of the scope of the International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) going beyond waste and to include environmentally sound technology. Japan also hopes that the widening in scope will also lead to  the widening of the donor base.

UN Environment has expressed its readiness to support the G7 process in relation to resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production and waste management. It has also encouraged strengthened coordination and communication with the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Japan is one of UN Environment’s top donors, and in 2012 tripled its contributions to the organisation. In 2015, it contributed USD 2.6 million to the Environment Fund, becoming the 12th biggest donor.