Strengthening institutions

We build national capacities to develop and enforce laws and strengthen institutions for achieving environmental objectives.

Strong environmental law is the bedrock of environmental governance and a cornerstone of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At UN Environment we are working internationally and with over 50 individual countries to ensure the progressive development of environmental law.

We provide:

  • expert guidance on the development of environmental legislation (wildlife, extractives, climate, crimes with serious impacts on the environment, etc.)
  • legal assistance to help strengthen and streamline institutional arrangements and capacities for tackling environmental issues.
  • technical and legal assistance to countries to strengthen capacities for enforcement of environmental law.

We support countries to strengthen transboundary cooperation, national capacities, awareness raising and communication.


Environmental crime

Recognising the Threat of Environmental Crime

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which – for the first time – recognized environmental crime as part of other transnational organized crimes. The adoption…

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Enforcement in action

How Better Enforcement is making the Environment Safer for us all

Waste is one of the greatest environmental and health challenges facing the world today. Read more

Our Partners

The diversity of the partnerships in the field of Environmental Governance is notable for its great scope. UNEP works with partners, both governmental and non-governmental, and national and international. Read more