Strengthening the institutional framework and national capacity of key stakeholders in Papua New Guinea in waste and chemical management

Project Story

Harmonizing flourishing economic development and sound management of chemicals and waste in Papua New Guinea

Project Summary

The project is designed to assist the Papua New Guinea Government in developing an effective and sound waste and chemical management system by strengthening the institutional structures within the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority. The project address the following key priorities: 1) the development of a national policy and legal framework for wastes and chemicals management and 2) to ensure an effective coordination system are in place to address waste and chemical management issues including assisting a municipality to develop its waste management plan.

Project Objectives

The project will undertake the following measures to strengthen the legal and institutional frameworks for Sound Management of Chemicals:

  • Establishment of a National chemicals and waste Steering Committee as well as a waste management Division within the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority;
  • Establishment of a coordination mechanism to coordinate chemicals and waste management issues effectively with stakeholders;
  • Stakeholder consultation on policy, legal, chemicals and waste management;
  • Identification of follow up actions necessary for policy and legal framework implementation;
  • Public awareness and capacity building workshops on chemicals and waste with industry and key stakeholders;
  • Development of waste management plan for the Alotau municipality.

Project Details

  • Party: Basel, Stockholm
  • Country Classification: Developing country
  • Special Programme Trust Fund:USD 219,602
  • Cofinancing Total: USD 160,800
  • Project duration: May 2018 – Aug 2021