Strengthening of the legal and institutional infrastructures for sound management of chemicals in Nigeria

Project Story

Sound management of chemicals and waste in Nigeria

Project Summary

The proposed project will address a number of priority issues and recommendations identified by Nigeria, as contained in its 2014-2018 "Business Plan on Priority Needs to Enable Further Strengthening of the Legal and Institutional Infrastructures for Sound Management of Chemicals in Nigeria". The project will further strengthen the existing legal framework, institutional infrastructures, and national strategies for Sound Management of Chemicals and Wastes in Nigeria.

Project Objectives

The project will undertake the following measures to strengthen the legal and institutional frameworks for Sound Management of Chemicals:

  • Establish the institutional strengthening committee of experts and review the National Committee on Chemicals Management and Technical Coordinating Committee terms of reference, determine needs and options for re-designing and re-defining mandates in line with global best practices, and identify improved means for coordination and communication
  • Strengthen capacities for actualizing redefined mandates including delivery of training for National Committee on Chemicals Management related to the national implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions
  • Conduct a pilot study to test the feasibility of the recommended options for national cost recovery measures
  • Establish interdisciplinary outreach programme to support mainstreaming
  • Establish national mainstreaming task team and terms of reference
  • Undertake capacity buildings and training programmes, and awareness raising activities on mainstreaming for national stakeholders

Project Details

  • Party: Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm
  • Country Classification: Developing country
  • Special Programme Trust Fund: USD 499,800
  • Cofinancing Total: USD 180,200
  • Project duration: November 2018 - October 2021