Miao Wang


Regional Winner, Asia and the Pacific

The Better Blue Project

Summary of Big Idea

Better Blue is a global network constructed mainly by diving centers or divers. It hopes to build an eco-evaluation system to redefine the diving industry and empower every diver and diving center to become advocates and practitioners in marine conservation through capacity building, citizen-scientific programs, etc. Within one year, it has already built a reliable community of active divers in over 10 cities and supported them to conduct more than 180 offline events in more than 30 cities. 20 million people have been reached online. Better Blue also provides consulting services to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Greater China and its global charity partner, Project AWARE, to help them better intergrate Chinese divers’ resource and motivate action for ocean conservation.


I am a scuba and freediving diver who holds a Master Degree in International Development from The University of Manchester. I am the founder of Better Blue, chief representative of Project AWARE Greater China and Chinese Ambassador of iSeahorse citizen-science program.

Miao Wang's Bio

30 years