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Regional Winner, Asia and the Pacific

Green mobility for women

Summary of Big Idea

Nepal has the fastest growing per capita carbon emission rate in South Asia. Our Green Energy Mobility platform (GEM) aims to make electric public transportation a quality alternative to private vehicles to combat climate change. Safa tempos, or electric minibuses, are ubiquitous in Kathmandu and well-known for being women-owned. As most buses stop by 8 pm, GEM will start by targeting the under-served night time transportation market, especially for women at risk when working late. Our vision is to help women own and upgrade their electric vehicles through low-interest impact financing. Our big data platform will collect data about transportation demands, rush hour traffic patterns, passenger preferences, and loan repayment abilities, in order to provide an alternative credit score. At the same time, it will gather data for governments and urban planners to plan bus routes, design road expansions, and manage traffic flow. The green vehicle reservation and payment platform can be used on any phone and incentivized rewards frequent users with digital tokens called GEM miles, which are similar to air miles.


I spent the last decade as a software engineer and a project manager overseeing teams of more than 20 software developers at the Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal. I was trained at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and am part of a team building the first satellite made in Nepal. I graduated from Singularity University's Global Solutions Program and Incubator, based in Silicon Valley.

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30 years
Software engineer

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