Arpit Dhupar


Regional Winner, Asia and the Pacific

Chakr Shield

Summary of Big Idea

We at Chakr Innovation have devised a novel technique to control emissions from diesel generators. Our device, ‘Chakr Shield’, is a novel technology, which causes minimum backpressure on the diesel generator. The device is able to control up to 90% of particulate matter from diesel engines, with no impact on the engine’s efficiency. Moreover, we do not just dump or dispose of the captured carbon. As carbon is a useful resource, we process the captured particulate matter and use it to create ink pigment. This pigment is non-toxic and is of same quality as the ink used in industries. Each litre of ink saves 700 million litres of air that an average adult would breathe in lifetime! “Chakr” in Hindi means ‘cycle’ and we are completing the cycle of carbon.


I am a mechanical Engineering graduate and a technology enthusiast who strongly believes that solutions to the biggest problems that our society faces can be found in the implementation of simple technologies. I was brought up in the city of Delhi, which is hard hit by air pollution. I wanted to change this situation and created the company “Chakr Innovation” to tackle this problem. So far we have saved over 3 billion litres of air from being polluted! I love to play soccer and I want to make air clean again so that everyone can play soccer fearlessly!

Arpit Dhupar's Bio

25 years