Silja Halle

Programme Officer


Silja Halle is a Programme Officer with UN Environment’s Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch. She is currently responsible for managing two projects, as well as advising the Branch on key policy and programmatic matters.

As Programme Manager of the Joint UN Environment, UNDP, UN Women and PBSO Programme on Promoting Gender-Responsive Approaches to Natural Resource Management for Peacebuilding, Silja is responsible – on behalf of all four partners – for the implementation of a new ground-breaking programme focused on using natural resource management as a tool for promoting the political participation, economic empowerment and protection of women in conflict-affected contexts.

In parallel, Silja acts as Project Manager for UN Environment’s Environmental Assessment of the Probo Koala Toxic Waste Dumping in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. This involves coordination and oversight of the scientific process (field work and laboratory analysis), stakeholder relations and engagement with other relevant sectors, such as public health.

Silja joined Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch in 2006 and has held several roles within the Branch, including as Deputy Subprogramme Coordinator for Disasters and Conflicts. In this role she oversaw and guided programme and policy development, designed and oversaw the implementation of monitoring frameworks and worked to build partnerships within and outside the UN system. She has also acted as co-editor of the UN Environment policy series on the environmental dimensions of disasters and conflicts.

Prior to joining the Branch, Silja worked for the UN Environment-hosted secretariat of the Geneva Environment Network, a cooperative partnership of environment and sustainable development organizations based in the Geneva area. She has also consulted for a number of NGOs and other institutions. Silja also served on the city of Geneva’s Municipal Council and the canton of Geneva’s Constituent Assembly. She holds Bachelors’ (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) degrees in humanities from the University of Geneva.

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