Data and information management

Cooperation and coordination in data and information management among the specialists, researchers, managers, and decision-makers are essential to the success of the Action Plan. To strengthen data and information exchange and sharing among NOWPAP Members and also non-NOWPAP Members, 11th Intergovernmental Meeting of NOWPAP adopted the General NOWPAP Policy on Data and Information Sharing.

While data and information are being collected and analyzed by all NOWPAP Regional Activity Centers, a dedicated NOWPAP Data and Information Network Regional Activity Centre  or DINRAC, promotes regional cooperation and exchange of information on the Northwest Pacific marine and coastal environment.

DINRAC maintains the following databases (available at the DINRAC website): on major environmental data, on NOWPAP coastal and marine environmental Geographic Information Systems and remote Sensing applications, on marine litter, on coastal and marine nature reserves, NOWPAP publications, and NOWPAP institutions and experts.  DINRAC also hosts the Northwest Pacific Regional Node of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter.