Who we are

IETC has evolved over its 20-year history.

The mandate of IETC, as agreed in Decision 16/34 of UNEP Governing Council, is the transfer of environmentally sound technologies (EST) to developing countries and countries with economies in transition. This was reinforced by the GC’s adoption of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity-building in its 23rd Session in February 2005.

IETC's efforts in the field of waste management are projected towards 4 directions:

  • Demonstration / Pilot projects

  • Technology support

  • Capacity building

  • Secretariat of the Global Partnership for Waste Management (GPWM)

History of IETC

1991:  UNEP Governing Council decision 16/34 calls for the establishment of an International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) in Japan.

1992:  The Government of Japan and UNEP sign an agreement to set up IETC followed by an inauguration in Osaka.

1992:  To support IETC, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) Foundation was established.

1994:  IETC offices in Osaka and Shiga officially open.

2005:  Launch of the waste management portfolio.

2007:  Iraqi Marshlands project team receives the 2007 UN 21 Award commendation.

2011:  IETC is restructured and offices are consolidated in Osaka.

2012:  IETC celebrates its 20th anniversary

2014:  Appointment of Mr Surendra Shretha as the Director

2016:  Appointment of Mr Keith Alverson as the Director