What we do

What is the definition of Technology?

Technology includes the equipment, knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular activity.  It includes both ‘soft technologies’ such as information, research, training, and capacity-building, and ‘hard’ technologies such as equipment.

What are Environmentally Sound Technologies?

ESTs are those technologies that are less polluting, use resources in a sustainable manner, recycle more of their wastes and products, and handle all residual wastes in a more environmentally acceptable way than the technologies for which they are substitutes.

What does Technology Transfer mean?

Technology Transfer is the broad set of processes covering the flow of know-how, experience and equipment amongst different stakeholders. It comprises the process of understanding and utilizing the technology, including the capacity to adapt it to local conditions and to integrate it with indigenous technologies.         

IETC's work focuses on waste management.

Effective and efficient management of waste including application of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is an essential element for promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production. Integrated solid waste management (ISWM) and recovery of useful materials/ energy from waste streams is an effective approach to enhance resource efficiency while reducing the adverse environmental impacts caused by waste disposal.

  • Policy Advice - IETC provides technical and advisory support to governments, helping to enhance national and local use of environmentally sound technologies and approaches.
  • Technology Support - IETC supports the in-country demonstration of innovative methods and technologies to reduce the impact of climate change, increase resilience, create jobs and improve well-being.
  • Education and Capacity Building - IETC is working in partnership with universities to develop graduate academic curriculums on holistic waste management. Our tailor made training courses and learning opportunities around the world strengthen the technical skills of government officials, practitioners and the public.
  • Outreach-Awareness Raising - IETC organises outreach activities, expert groups and policy dialogues to raise awareness on issues and opportunities related to environmentally sound technologies and methods.   

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