Financement énergétique

We make it easier for the finance community to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency by providing technical assistance and targeted financial support.

Financing the change

Global investment in low-carbon energy technologies is growing rapidly and in line with rapidly declining costs, but to achieve the scale of investments needed without the appropriate policy, institutional, industry, and financial frameworks will be a challenge. Most of the low-carbon investment required in both developed and developing countries will need to come from private sources. This can best be achieved if governments and the international public finance sector deploy limited public finance in ways that leverage private-sector investment. Building on traditional development finance tools and innovating new tools, the sector can mobilise ‘climate investment’ opportunities in the most cost effective way by providing Information, developing skills, providing targeted incentives, and implementing conducive policies that reduce different types of investment risk.

UN Environment and energy finance

UN Environment helps the finance community to invest in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors through technical assistance and targeted financial support, such project development funding. UN Environments brings together “first mover” financiers and renewable energy project developers to share some of the additional costs related to early stage investments and mitigate risks.

UN Environment activities help mobilize new and additional investments in clean energy end user finance by providing knowledge and financial tools and building the capacity of financial sector actors, technology providers and government institutions. They also  help international climate finance for governments to achieve their national low-carbon development ambitions.