Early warning on emerging issues

Linking science with policy helps to bring about policy planning to address new and emerging environmental issues.

Environmental concerns are often addressed only after their effects are seen, such that damage is minimized rather than reversed or prevented. This is seen in some of the greatest challenges that affect the world as a whole. At UN Environment, we are working to prevent environmental degradation by highlighting emerging issues in our annual Frontiers report.

By identifying and analysing emerging issues, the programme helps to timely inform decision makers allowing emerging problems to be addressed before they bring about large scale adverse impacts. In addition, the process also allows new solutions to emerge. For example, Small Island Developing States, such as the island and coastal nations in the Caribbean, off the coast of Africa, and in the waters of the South Pacific, are turning away from fossil fuels, which put them at risk, and investing in renewables such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity.