Access to adaptation finance

The Climate Change Adaptation Unit frequently helps countries attain adaptation finance. By facilitating access to various funds managed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the UN Environment builds climate resilience, particularly in countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts. This much-needed funding permits threatened nations to implement their National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), a set of adaptation priorities and objectives. As a Multilateral Implementing Entity (MIE) of the Adaptation Fund, the UN Environment also assists countries in submitting project proposals to the Fund, and provides advisory services to increase direct access to financial assistance.

The UNEP Finance Initiative is a global partnership between the UN Environment and the financial sector. It consists of linkages with over 200 institutions, including banks, insurers and fund managers. One of the objectives is to support adaptation mainstreaming by opening access to alternative forms of finance.

The Climate Change Adaptation Unit has a legacy of assisting nations with the development of their National Implementing Entities (NIEs). This NIE support programme has expanded access to adaptation finance in innumerable regions and countries. Often, the UN Environment identifies existing national capacities and bolsters these entities to address any capacity gaps, which can include financial management, procurement, and monitoring and evaluation.