Special Programme Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board

The Executive Board is the decision making body and oversees the Special Programme with the support of the secretariat. The term of its representatives is in a two years rotation. The composition of the Executive Board reflects a balance between donors and recipients as follows:

1. Four representatives of recipient countries, reflecting equitable, geographical representation, drawn from the following United Nations regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. One representative from a least developed country or a small island developing State on a rotational basis;

3. Five donor representatives, which are not also recipient countries

The term of the representatives is on a a two-year rotation. The countries that are serving on the Executive board during its 2016-2018 term are:

  • Kenya representing Africa,
  • Pakistan representing Asia and Pacific,
  • Brazil and Argentina representing Latin America and the Caribbean (noting that these countries will share the two-year term),
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia representing Central and Eastern Europe, and
  • Yemen representing least developed countries and small island developing States.

The donor representatives on the Executive Board are: the European Union, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the USA. 

Meetings of the Executive Board

The next meeting of the Executive Board is tentatively scheduled to take place in December 2018 in Panama City, Panama. 

Past meetings of the Executive board