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The East Africa Sub-Regional Workshop on the Establishment of Legal Limits on Lead in Paint took place on 2-3 December 2015, at the United Nations Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop was organized to take pace just before the UN Environment/IPEN Regional Lead Paint Elimination Project in Africa Workshop, on 4 December.

The session included an overview of the Toolkit for establishment laws to eliminate lead paint and specific presentations of the Toolkit modules, including specific national case studies from Africa. At the workshop, government officials and stakeholders from 15 African countries agreed on the need to phase out the use of lead in paint and adopt a harmonized standar of 90 ppm total lead across Africa. 

Presentations 2-3 December 2015


Mr. Eisaku Toda, Chemicals and Waste Branch, UNEP

Mr. Juan Fernando Caicedo, Chemicals and Waste Branch, UNEP

Mr. Patrick Huber, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

TECHNICAL SESSIONS: Presentation of toolkit modules

Lead in Paint

Ms. Angela Bandemehr, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ms. Jane Akumu, PCFV Secretariat

Mr. Allan Meso, UNEP-DELC

TECHNICAL SESSIONS: Case studies from Africa

Mr. Say Venance Martial

Mr. Tadesse Amera

Dr. Faridah Hussein Were, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute

The South African Paint Manufacturing Association and Training Institute (SAPMA/SAPITI)

This presentation although not presented during the workshop was kindly shared by the Government of South Africa (Mrs. Brenda Maphanga)

Dr. Sara Brosché, IPEN

Guidance on Engaging SME Paint Manufacturers 


Mr. Perry Gottesfeld, Occupational Knowledge International

Mr. Scott Clark, IPEN

Angela Bandemehr, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Discussions: Potential National Implementation Strategies and Next Steps


Presentations 4 December 2015

Perry Gottesfeld, IPEN

Jack Weinberg