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This year’s International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (ILPPW) will take place 22-28 October 2017.  The official website for the ILPPW is maintained by the World Health Organization. A full set of graphic and planning resources for organizers is available on the ILPPW Trello Board.

This year, the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (Lead Paint Alliance) is proud to announce new resources to support organizations and governments in taking actions during ILPPW to address the health impacts from exposure to lead in paints, especially for children.  Lead Paint Alliance materials are described below and will be posted as they become available.

Make a Voluntary Commitment to Eliminate Lead Paint

In preparation for the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA3) in December 2017, governments, businesses and civil society have the opportunity to make voluntary commitments to help end the pollution of our air, land, waterways, and oceans, and to safely manage our chemicals and waste.

Your government can use this opportunity to pledge to work toward establishing a lead paint law by 2020. Companies and organizations can also make pledges to support this global effort to eliminate lead paint by advocating for lead paint laws and by joining the Lead Paint Alliance.

Learn more about this opportunity and view sample commitment forms with suggested text for governments, industry and organizations, which can be modified and entered as voluntary commitments in preparation for UNEA3.

Model Law and Guidance for Regulating Lead Paint

The new model law and guidance, published in September 2017, provides voluntary guidance for countries interested in drafting new laws or modifying existing laws to restrict lead in paint.  It includes a model law that can be adapted to fit a country’s legal system.  It promotes international consistency by recommending a specific lead limit for paint and recommends the most protective and feasible legal limit currently used by other countries.

Download here

2017 Update on the Global Status of Legal Limits on Lead Paint

The 2017 Update on the Global Status of Legal Limits on Lead Paint provides global and regional overviews of countries that currently have lead paint laws.  It includes information about the health and economic costs of exposure to lead, as well as information about the benefits of establishing legal limits on lead in paint. The update informs citizens about  which countries have a strong legal limit, and can be used to promote action in your country or region to establish lead paint laws.

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