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Around 50 delegates from governments, industry and civil society gathered in a side event organized by the Lead Paint

The side event, entitled "Four Years to Phase Out Lead in Paint Worldwide", took stock of the progress towards the goal of the Lead Paint Alliance to have legal limits to lead in paint in all countries by 2020. Representatives from Kenya, Moldova and Philippines presented regional and national initiatives for establishing and enforcing laws to control lead in paint. Stakeholders from paint industry, architects and civil society joined the discussion towards an enhanced stakeholder engagement in the law making. Alliance in Nairobi on Monday 23 May, in the margins of the second session of the United Nations Environment Assembly. At the event, UNEP launched a new report on the global analysis of legal limits on lead in paints. US Environment Protection Agency presented an interactive map showing an estimate of economic cost of childhood exposure to lead by the New York University.

Participants agreed that the first step is to establish national and regional standards and regulations, whereas we should address further challenges such as enforcement capacity building and involvement of informal sector. Good examples are emerging in regulatory initiatives and stakeholder engagement. The Lead Paint Alliance offers a platform for mutual learning and knowledge management.