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Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Venue: Conference Room 1

Chaired by:

H.E. Mrs. Francisca Ashietey-Odunton, High Commissioner and Permanent Representative of Ghana

Annotated provisional agenda 

1. Opening of the meeting by the Chair of the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Arrivals and departures in the Committee of Permanent Representatives To United Nations Environment Programme        Uploaded: 07 January 2019 

2. Adoption of the agenda of the 144th meeting

Annotated provisional agenda      Uploaded: 02 January 2019

3. Adoption of the draft minutes of 143rd meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives.

Draft minutes of the 143rd meeting   Uploaded: 17 December 2018

4. Election of officers to the Bureau of the Committee of Permanent Representatives


5. Report of the Executive Director

Executive Director's report for the period August – October 2018   Uploaded: 28 December 2018

6. Preparations for the fourth Open-Ended meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives and the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly

6(b): Overview of draft resolutions

6(c): Draft annotated provisional agenda and structure for the OECPR and UNEA      Uploaded: 02 January 2019

6(d) Draft report by the Executive Director to the High Level Segment       Uploaded: 27 December 2018

6(e): Proposed programme of work and budget for the biennium 2020‒ 20211   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

6(f): UN Environment Programme Assembly 3 Implementation Plan “Towards a Pollution-Free Planet”   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

6(g): Note from the Secretariat on the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

6(g): Note on the 2019 Sustainable Innovation Expo   Uploaded: 14 December 2018

6(g): Note on Second Global Session of the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the
   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

6(g) Calendar of UN Environment Assembly events       Uploaded: 06 December 2019

6(g) Leader’s Passport to UN Environment Assembly      Uploaded: 06 December 2019

6(h) Briefing Note on communication strategy for the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly           Uploaded: 04 January 2019

7. Consideration of resolutions adopted at previous sessions of the UN Environment Assembly

7(a): Status of Implementation: UNEP/EA.3/Res. 6 “Managing soil pollution to achieve Sustainable Development”             Uploaded: 03 January 2019

7(b): Status of Implementation: UNEP/E.A.3/9 “Eliminating Exposure to Lead Paint and Promoting the Environmentally Sound Management of Lead Acid Batteries”   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

7(c): Status of Implementation: UNEP/EA.3/Res.10: Addressing water pollution to protect and restore water related ecosystems      Uploaded: 02 January 2019

7(c): Status of Implementation: UN Environment Programme/EA.2/Res.10 – Oceans and Seas

7d. Draft UN Environment Programme Marine and Coastal Strategy

7d (i) Version comparison table for previous versions of Draft UN Environment Programme Marine and Coastal Strategy

7d (ii) Secretariat response to comments from member States on Draft UN Environment Programme Marine and Coastal Strategy

8. Briefing on South-South cooperation

8(a) Background note on South-South and Triangular Cooperation Activities         Uploaded: 27 December 2018

8(b) Response to EU questions on South-South Cooperation Presentation at CPR of 8th November 2018   Uploaded: 17 December 2018

8(c) Response from the Secretariat: Questions received in writing from the Delegation of the United States of America addressing Agenda Item 4 entitled “Briefing from the Secretariat on the Interim Secretariat for China-Africa Environmental Cooperation Centre” at the Sub-committee meeting on 4 October 2018      Uploaded: 02 January 2019

9. Report of the subcommittee

Chair’s Report of the Subcommittee of the Committee of Permanent Representative   Uploaded: 18 December 2018

10. Other matters

11. Closing of the meeting

African Group        Uploaded: 24 January 2019

South Africa          Uploaded: 08 January 2019

Statement by the Acting Executive Director           Uploaded: 09 January 2019

Group of 77 and China          Uploaded: 09 January 2019

Switzerland statement - CPR144 meeting         Uploaded: 09 January 2019

EU/MS statement - 144th CPR meeting       Uploaded: 10 January 2019

China          Uploaded: 10 January 2019

Special envoy to the UN Environment Assembly presidency          Uploaded: 11 January 2019