• Overview

SEA of Solutions 2019  is the first annual partnership week convened by SEA circular – an initiative from the UN Environment Programme and the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA), with support from the Swedish Government – to inspire market-based solutions and encourage enabling policies to prevent marine plastic pollution in South East Asia.

SEA circular works in partnership with governments, businesses, civil society, development partners, academia, UN agencies in South East Asia and the media to reduce plastic leakage into the marine environment and to solve plastic pollution at source.  SEA circular promotes dialogue amongst partners to leverage data, investments, embrace new innovations, support good governance, and influence consumer choices.

Visit SEA of Solutions 2019 website for more information http://sos2019.sea-circular.org/


Plastic has a meaningful role to play in modern life. Yet once discarded, its negative impacts are significant. Asia has become a major hotspot of plastic leakage, and plastic pollution is an acute threat to the region’s environment including marine and coastal ecosystems, economic development, social well-being, food security, and human health. 


From 2019, the annual SEA of Solutions will travel around South East Asia with the ambition to become the go-to exchange platform that unites solution seekers and providers.

SEA of Solutions 2019 will:

  • Inform:  Showcase dynamic dialogue on topical issues - including trade in plastic waste, second life markets and recovery, circular economy, and packaging and e-commerce.
  • InspireProvide a platform for private sector, academia, governments and communities to connect and effect change.
  • Activate:  Build partnerships and initiate regional coordination efforts, to find tangible solutions to marine plastic pollution in South East Asia.

SEA of Solutions 2019

The event is structured to showcase solutions along the plastic value chain and engage key stakeholders including local and national government, businesses and plastic producers, communities and youth. It will synthesize recommendations for action in one impactful Solutions outcome document that gives voice to all stakeholders along the plastic value chain and captures the sea of solutions from science, industry, cities and communities and national governments.

On the sidelines: SEA of Solutions 2019 will host the Environmental Enforcement Awards on 13 November 2019. Also on 13 November 2019, WasteForce will bring together legal practitioners to strengthen tools for enforcement, forensics and capacity building to tackle illegal trade and management of waste.  

Exhibition spaces: Booths will provide opportunity for bilateral discussions, networking and showcasing of solutions. Exhibition spaces are free of charge and subject to limited availability. Interactive exhibition formats are welcome, including the use of audio-visual material, showcasing of technology solutions, and art installations.

Join us!  Express your interest to speak, apply to host a session, represent your constituency at a booth or showcase your technology solutions or art installations in our exhibition space.