• Overview

In partnership with and funding by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Faith for Earth will be holding the first global digital conference (16-18 March) for 200 participants without one single flight taken. The capacity building conference will be linking participants from six locations including Sweden, Kenya, Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference will be relying on web-based conferencing applications in each of the six hubs. Each hub will be discussing their own priority issue, twinning with another hub having similar issues and connecting in global sessions with all the other hubs to discuss the global vision and approach. Some of the sessions will be web-streamed for public access.

In each of the hubs, a local FBO has been selected as the local coordinator/facilitator based on their already existing partnerships with UNEP and SIDA. This experience will be replicated in the future with other hubs not only to cover all continents but also address different country priorities as well as take it from capacity building to action.

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