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imageAfrica is undergoing a mobility revolution. The continent is experiencing an unprecedented motorization rate spurred by high rates of urbanization and economic growth. As a result, most countries in the region are not able to plan and provide adequate transport infrastructure and services.  At the same time the region is not taking advantage of technological advancements being witnessed in other regions to improve the energy efficiency and reduce emissions from vehicles.

The Africa Clean Mobility Week will bring together and provide a platform for participants to discuss cleaner mobility and its impacts on health, environment and economic growth in Africa. The Week will build on the outcomes of the 2014 Africa Sustainable Transport Forum that saw African ministers and experts agree to 13 action points to promote sustainable transport.

imageThe Week targets governments, private sector, civil society, and development partners in the fields of environment and transportation.  It will provide an opportunity for the continent to develop a set of measures to move to cleaner mobility leveraging on good experiences and case studies from within and outside the region.

The following will form the content of the week’s discussions:

  • Strategies to promote the import of cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles. Tools to assess fuel economy policy impacts will be disseminated, and examples of regional and international experiences in implementing fuel economy policies shared.
  • Barriers and opportunities to leapfrogging to electric motorcycles, electric vehicles and electric buses.
  • Mechanisms to regulate import of cleaner used vehicles.
  • South-South cooperation on sustainable transport management will be promoted as well as the role of media in supporting a sustainable transport agenda.
  • Case studies of inclusive transport programs mainly through investment in non-motorized transport and public transport infrastructure will be shared.
  • Opportunities to finance cleaner mobility will be explored

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