• Overview
  • Requirements and eligibility
  • Judging & prizes
  • Winners

Key dates: 

  • Entries must be submitted by 30 April 2018 – 23.00 GMT
  • Winners/finalists will be announced online by mid-May 2018
  • Award ceremony and venue to be held on 5 June 2018 at Tongji University in Shanghai, China


The Global Environment Outlook is produced periodically by UN Environment and gives a broad outline of where the global environment is heading. Five editions of this report have been published and the sixth is being prepared. Assessments of the state of the environment in different regions have been produced as part of this preparation. The Regional Assessment for Asia Pacific is one of them. A youth version of this report is under development. To make this youth-oriented report accessible to a wider audience, UN Environment is organizing an animation and comic competition.

The Theme of the animation and comic competition is: Our eARTh, Our Story. Entries can be on one of the topics listed below.

  • Our eARTh, our region – touching on current situation and challenges for environment in Asia Pacific and why young people matter
  • Life on the line – conveying messages on how critical pollution is in Asia Pacific and what can be done to address it
  • Cycle of care – that we need to care for nature, so nature can care of you.
  • Resilience in a changing environment – the reality of climate change and impacts and solutions
  • Striking change – stronger actions together by young people
  1. The entries must be in English if any language is used. Other languages are accepted, but only entries with English subtitles will qualify.

  2.  Any software to create animations or comics would be accepted.

  3. Animations or comics can be done by an individual or a team of less than 5 people.

  4. Only digital submissions will be accepted.

  5. Please send the submissions preferably through WeTransfer and send link as well.

  6. No more than 3 submissions per person/team.

  7. Must be related to one of the topics listed above.

  8. There must be no signature of any kind that would allow to determine the participant or a group of participants.

  9. High Definition – Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels – 1080p.

  10. Less than 100-word synopsis of animation/comics.

Requirements for Animation

  1. 2D or 3D animations between 45-60 seconds.

  2. The computing weight of the animation must not exceed 200 MB.

Requirements for Comics:

  1. 2 comic strips with 10 frames maximum, no front cover.

  2. The computing weight of the comics must not exceed 50 MB.

  3. Original copy in « JPEG » or « PNG », along with a PDF copy.


Open to nationals and residents of Asia Pacific region.

The following information should be filled in and sent to jiaqi.shen[at]un.org  before the deadline.


  • Name/team names:
  • Nationality:
  • Country of residence:
  • Age (team ages):
  • (If you are under 18, please include your parent’s or legal guardian’s name and written consent)
  • Animation/Comics Title:
  • File transfer link via WeTransfer
  • Topic: (list out at least one of the five topics)
  • Synopsis of animation/comics:
  • Telephone:country code + number
  • Email address:
  • I would like to be the Visual Author for the Global Environment Outlook-6 for Youth, Asia-Pacific. OPTIONAL

By making this submission, I attest that: (1) I am (or my team is) the sole owner and author of each Entry, and have/has the right to make the Entry available to the competition; and (2) this Entry meets all of the eligibility criteria for submission to the UN Environment Animation and Comics Competition ‘Our eARTh, Our Story’ and agree to the terms and conditions.


Name and Signature (in case of teams, team leader please sign on their behalf)


A panel of representatives from UN agencies, animation and comic artists will judge entries. The decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable. The judging criteria will include:

  1. Relevance: The relevance of entries to the theme and topics of the animation and comic competition;
  2. Creativity: Is it engaging? Is the theme and data expressed in a unique way? Does it express and capture an interesting view point; and originality. 


  • 10 finalists: Paid round-trip ticket and accommodation to Shanghai to the Second Authors’ Meeting of GEO-6 for Youth, Asia-Pacific in Tongji University in June 2018 which is parallel to the International Conference on Environment and Sustainability. For team candidates, only one representative could attend on behalf of the team.
  • Invitation to be a Visual Author for the Global Environment Outlook-6 for Youth, Asia-Pacific.
  • Certificate awarded by UN Environment.

By entering the contest, you accept the full terms and conditions of the contest and grant UN Environment and sponsor full non-exclusive copyright for all animations/comics that are submitted.

UN Environment and sponsor reserve the right to use the animation/comics in non-commercial advocacy and promotional materials such as social media, multimedia packages, television, billboards, and printed materials etc., online and offline.

UN Environment and sponsors will credit animators/comics authors for their submissions, but no monetary payments will be made. The animation/comics will also be added to UN Environment and sponsor multimedia and social media platforms and made available to any party the UN Environment deems suitable, subject to appropriate crediting.


  • Elion Foundation, China;
  • Tongji University, China

After deliberation, judges selected three top winners, with special commendation going to 7 other entries.

Winners of the competition received transport and accommodation to the award ceremony and International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability held at Tongji University, Shanghai. In addition, select winners were invited to contribute their artwork to the Global Environment Outlook-6 for Youth in Asia Pacific.


Huynh Thanh Hang, Vietnam, “Climate Change – Water Matters”


Zheren TANG, China, “Guarding Earth Mother”

Tianlin DENG, China, “Bear SOS”

Special  Commendation also went to the following entries:


Yihang CHEN, Chuying SHAO, “Water”

Zixuan WANG, Huiyu MA, Zijing YANG, Zexuan LI, “The Hole”


Lintao FAN, China, “Earth and Environment”

Xiaolin REN, China, “The Last Cloud”

Pengyuan ZHANG, China, “Yangtze finless Dolphins family of Nanjing”

Xianyu FU, China, “Thirsty”

Han FAN, Zecheng YU, Liu YU, Chuan’en LI, China, “Life after Life”